We will deliver the most amazing tattoo experience you will get.


Baan Sakyant Chiangmai specializes in ancient Thai Tattoo.  Our tattoo masters are professional with many years of experiences.  Each tattoo is beautifully hand-poked or machined. More than just an extraordinary art is the meaning and magical blessing of each tattoo.  This what makes our ancient Thai Tattoo differ from other tattoo around the world.  If you are wishing for wealth, fortune, protection or love life, we will have the tattoo that suits you.  Tattoo is no longer just the art on your body but it should empower your individuality. 


More than body art, it's magic tattoo.

We are open everyday but only by appointment only to limit number of people of premises and keep strict rules of COVID-19 prevention.

Some of the work done by Master Saroth in Malaysia

Training program of entrepreneurs Skin Tattoo shop

Master Saroth is on a visit to Taiwan from 9-21 May 2019.

Thai Tattoo without ancient letters

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