Master Saroth (Neung) has to studied and practicing meditation for eight years before his first monk teacher,  well known Monk Vicha to start teaching him Yantra and blessing.  Master Saroth traveled to many places to study each different Yantra as well as maintain his regular meditation because mediation is the basic skill for every other thing that he learned.  

 With years of experience in magic yantra and making amulet, he has also mastered in Thai Tattoo.  By co-operating Thai Tattoo with his experience in magic yantra, making him a very well-know Thai Tattoo Master in a very short time.  And with his young age he is driven by passion to learn more and more with different teachers.  

 With a lot of experience and practice in Thai tatoo, his tattoo line is very sharp and strong as shown on the photos in the website.  Also he has very light hands as most of customers said they don't feel a thing.

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