About us


Baan Sakyant Chiangmai specializes in ancient Thai Tattoo.  We will deliver the most amazing tattoo experience you will get.  Our tattoo masters are professional with many years of experiences.  each tattoo is beautifully hand-poked or machined. We have hundreds of pattern with different meaning and blessing to suit you.  Tattoo is no longer just the body art but it should empower your indivuality and support in your wealth and fortune.  At Baan Sakyant Chiangmai, we do more than just the tattoo, we give you magical tattoo.


We place our customer's safety and hygiene first, therefore new needle and ink are used for each new customer.

Below are some of tattoos done by our Tattoo Master Saroth.  He specialised in hand-poked tattoo with many years of experiece.  His line and details are very fine, plus with his light hand you will not feel a thing.  More importantly he has been studying ancient thai magic and Yanta for longer than he has tattooed. 
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